Possible public alpha coming…

In this moment i have a playable version with one Inca zone and the Arkanoid level so is probably i release some kind of public alpha to get feedback this month.

Thinking if is enough to play and get an idea of the game and how release it but i guess will be on itch.io game store. Also maybe create a contest to the people that want get the beta with somes Likes, RTs , Reblogs or something to help propagate the game, i dont know.

So stay tunned for more news ;)

Ninja Twins and The Running Dead available on Itchio game store

The games are free as always, donations are welcomed ;)



At the moment somebody donate $1 on the Ninja Twins page at Itchio before the downloads, so much thanks! :D


I think Itchio is great for games made or in development and actually they are not taking any fee so all the benefits are for the developer!

So if you have a game i recomend you post there!