My first ever game! Damn! You will have to excuse the photos, couldn’t get any good shots and its time for bed.

This took me approx 8 hours. But it was so satisfying to get it working! Excuse the pixel art as well, just simple bright colours and shapes.

This was done using Clickteam Fusion 2.5. Just bought it this week end. Thanks to kronbits for pointing me in the direction of some tutorials. It was his work that inspired me to get the software. If you haven’t seen or played his stuff you need to.

Anyhoo bedtime.


Congratulations on your first game made with Clickteam Fusion 2.5! ;)

I also started doing a pong, here mine: Classic Pong

Now i see errors and bugs in all the code XD

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Mighty Retro Zero - Actual Footage

Mighty Retro Zero is a minimalistic game on you control a tiny player like megaman with full references of old great games using only 8 colors and pixels like punchs.

Really the game started more like an platform engine developed on Multimedia Fusion 2 showing a short game featuring a super-pixelated megaman.

Actually i don’t know exactly how will be the final game, now i’m simply adding features to the engine like shoot arrows and walk over them, jetpack and all i can imagine and i can develop with my skills.

The game will be launched for at least PC(windows), Online(Flash) and OUYA. Also will be available for MAC(When the exporter be released by clickteam, creators of Multimedia Fusion) . And in the case the game be a succes for other platforms like PsVIta,etc…


How the game will looks? Something like these:



image image image image image image  image 




Mighty Retro Zero - Youtube Playlist (All gameplay videos)


Links to follow the project

TigSource Devlog:
Gamejolt Page:
IndieDB Page:




Inca theme - Actual gameplay featuring chest&coins and Solid blocks


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Inca Theme - What you think?


(Click in the image to see at full size!!)

Inca Theme, still using the same 8 weird color palette from ;)

With this i want to show the people how really the game will looks. Until now you see practicall all the screen in black, now you can see real tiles.

Also this screenshot practically not have any decorations, only the underground part with a few bricks, but other will habe a bit more that in overall the look will be much better. BTW, the decoration on the game will be small and only in some parts. Is hard to explain you will se in the next ones ;)

As always, hope you like it!


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